Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Present Day Teen Pop Star Refuses to Die

My review of Calling the World, the new album by power pop comers Rooney, is now up over at the website of the Magazine Formerly Known as Stereo Review. Short version: it's okay, but it's not a patch on the deathless masterpiece that is Kajagoogoo's "White Feathers".

Heh heh.

Meanwhile, here's the first video from the album, "When Did Your Heart Go Missing", which is just too cute for words.

Really, it's like being transported back to the Golden Age of These Guys.


TMink said...

Cliche ridden.

Wow this did absolutely nothing for me. I can't think of anything in the single that appealed to me. I so appreciate the Wham reference as that was my reaction to those to. (I almost wrote band in reference to Wham, but corrected myself.) Watching the video, I was looking at the thumbnails before the intro was over.

The song is boring. Blah.


Kid Charlemagne said...

I liked them better when they sounded like ELO! Give me the Click 5 any day!

billy b said...

Great review steve.

It's been a while since I read one by the master.

Loved the "All Things Must Pass" reference.

Now I have to check out what the hell the 'obligatory' ATMP means...