Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Beyond the Mountains of Madness

You're Gonna Miss Me, Kevin McAlester's brilliant documentary on legendary Texas rocker/head case Roky Erickson comes to DVD on July 10th. Preorder at Amazon now..

Just saying.


Kid Charlemagne said...

Now if the MC 5 documentary "A True Testimonial" would come out on DVD, I would be a very happy man.

steve simels said...

I have a bootleg copy. Gloat gloat.

Unfortunately, from what I heard last, it's unlikely to be available legitimately again in our lifetime....

Kid Charlemagne said...


Is that because of a beef between the band and the film makers over use of the music in the documentary? That's a shame.

BTW, the MC5 story would make a great film. A metaphor for the 60s no doubt.

My wife is from Toledo and the last time I was there the local alterno paper had a long interview with Kramer and Sinclair. They are *still* arguing about what happened 30 years later!

steve simels said...

KC -- It's a beef between Wayne Kramer and the filmmakers -- royalties or something.

The sad thing is that it came to a head just after the movie had left theaters and when it was supposed to come out on DVD.

The copy I have is not a bootleg, but rather a legal pre-release screener that BMG sent out to reviewers before Kramer slapped an injunction on them.

It's a great film, and it breaks my heart that people can't see it..