Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Speaking of Gorgeous

John Waite, come home -- all is forgiven.

I've always thought "Missing You" was a really good song, but I never imagined that someday bluegrass goddess Alison Krauss would be dueting on a video remake of it.


Anonymous said...

me neither

TMink said...

Alison could sing the Uganda national anthem and make it work. Even here, where the key is too low for her, she does an amazing job. Watching the video, it is clear that John is just not made for video, he looks awkward, forced and mannered.

For me, it is just another sign of Alison's gifts. Not that I needed one, but I sure enjoy them.


steve simels said...

Oh yeah, extraordinary singer. And
I think she's drop dead beautiful, too.

At some point she decided to become a glamour puss, and it works.

TMink said...

Agreed! I wonder if it was her or the record execs that made the glamour move? I recall her saying something about losing weight and the record company taking a million photos "cause they were worried I would gain it all back."

So, maybe she does not realize that she is beautiful. But oh my goodness, she sings like an angel! In her bluegrass days, she sang louder and with more of a twang. I like that too, but when they close mike her and she sings in her quite voice, it is goosebump time for me.

The SACDs she has done are really amazing.

Rinjo Njori said...

They could have done trio of duet's--one from The babys and another from Bad English. She's obviously a fan. This song didn't deserve a remake.