Monday, July 30, 2007

Tom Snyder: RIP

We at PowerPop bid a fond farewell to Tom Snyder, who did a fair amount to get punk/new wave out into the public eye, in his day.

Thanks, Tom.


steve simels said...

Haven't looked at the clip yet, but I seem to recall staying up late to watch Tom interview the likes of the angry young Elvis Costello and (on an other occasion) that obviously dangerous John Lydon, and thinking "wow, there's something you don't see on TV everyday."

I also recall that Dan Akroyd did a really killer impression of ole Tom on SNL back in the day.

Kid Charlemagne said...

I think it was the Tomorrow show that gave me my first inkling that this punk thing was going on in England.

Anonymous said...

Tom also did one of the last televised interviews with John Lennon before he went into temporary retirement in the mid seventies.


Anonymous said...

Snyder's interview with Elvis Costello was wonderful, still my favorite interview Elvis has ever done. The antithesis would have to be Tom trying his best to get something out of John Lydon and Keith Levene.

Outside the music scene, a fond and sad farewell to two other guys I greatly admired, Bill Walsh and Ingmar Bergman. What a shitty day.

Anonymous said...

He had Lydon back on in the mid-nineties. They were much more amicable during that interview.


Anonymous said...

My favorite Tom Snyder moment was when he interviewed Charles Manson. Snyder kept talling Manson to "come down off the space shuttle."