Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Number of the Beast

Here's a vintage 80s video-- of a song I dearly love, no irony intended -- that demonstrates why I shouldn't make fun of contemporary shlockmistresses Skye Sweetnam and Fefe Dobson.

Make sure you stick it through to the very end and the unmasking scene. Spoiler alert: The part of Satan (you actually see him buying somebody's soul) is played by
John Waite, which may or may not be typecasting.


TMink said...

Well, we all have guilty pleasures. To me this is like Todd on a bad day. I think this is another case of where the cheesy video perhaps hampers the slight appreciation I might have for this piece of pop fluff. But his video "Missing You" was so exorable, it might have ruined him for me completely.

Wow, I certainly woke up on the harsh side of the bed this morning!


steve simels said...

I want to find out who that actress is -- she's the quintessential 80s rock bimbo fatale.

I wonder if Waite was boinking her in real life....

billy b said...

Speaking of John Waite, I did like the Babys.

As a matter of fact, I just bought the Babys greatest hits CD at the local supermarket for $7.

Band had a lot of syrupy stuff, but also had some real good straight ahead rock and roll, English style, also.

steve simels said...

Actually, I don't mean to malign Waites, who's actually a pretty good singer.

He just did a remake of "Missing You" with the divine -- truly -- Allison Krause.

I think I'll post that later....

TMink said...

I read that the Babys were a power pop group, and bought the greatest hits cd, but so far am quite underwhelmed.

What am I missing, what tracks do y'all recommend.