Sunday, July 15, 2007

Left Banke Too!!

On Thursday I posted an excellent machinima by charlemange (no, she (edit, KC) is not my more talented evil twin!) that she created for one of my favorite Left Banke songs Desiree.

Well, my fellow Left Banke fanatic has also done one for yet another great Left Banke tune Holly Says. Do check out her smashing website where you can find tons of cool stuff like unreleased Left Banke music, videos, interview transcripts, and vintage articles about the band.

While you're there, please viddy well her machinima for the great Stories tune Darling too. Ok, here's the video brought to you on the wings of a lavender eagle!


steve simels said...

A college girlfriend of mine grew up next door to Michael Brown, and she knew him pretty well. She was of the opinion that the guys slightly nuts.

An impression confirmed by the long interview chapter with Browne (done in the late 90s) in one of Ritchie Unterberger's books.

He has chapters from some of them on his website...not sure if the Brown is posted or not, but if it is it's a very interesting read.

Charlemange said...

Thanks again for the plug. I am female btw.

And Steve, most creative people aren't exactly flat line if you know what I mean :)

Kid Charlemagne said...

A thousand apologies charlemange.

I went by the name of your web address which sounded vaguely familiar until I realized that he
was Sgt. Carter from Hogan's Heroes!

Anyway, thanks so much for bringing the Left Banke to life! Cheers!

Charlemange said...

Thats ok. Larry was a very good friend of mine so his site is the main host.

There was a LB song that never made it out of the box. It was written by Les Fradkin and Diane Ellis. I have the version of Les singing lead and the LB members playing on it. If Les okays it, the machinima for it will be out in a week or 2. The song is called "I Could Make It Last Forever." This could have been a big comeback for the LB in 1973 on Bell records but it never worked out.

steve simels said...


I sort of skimmed a bunch of the interviews you have posted on the site...singer Steve Martin is still alive and relatively well?

There's somebody who's hand I'd like to shake before I die....

Charlemange said...

All the official LB members are alive. (Bert Sommer died in 1990) Steve's whereabouts I guess are unknown at the moment.