Thursday, March 17, 2011

Discovering Japan

[In the light of certain recent events in Asia, not to mention the Obama administration's appalling and frankly near unbelievable response to them -- asking congress for billions in guarantees for future nuke plant construction -- I thought re-posting this angry and admittedly self-indulgent rant from last year would not be inappropriate. --S.S.]

Okay, apologies up front: I'm acutely aware that the title of the blog you're reading at the moment is PowerPop, not Pissed Off Leftie.

But every now and then, something just sticks in my craw.

Case in point -- From yesterday's NY Times [October 5, 2010], and David Brooks' disgusting wet kiss farewell to departing White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel:
Over the summer, I wrote a tough column [about President Obama]...That week, I ran into Rahm at a Bruce Springsteen concert.
Isn't that sweet? Republican David Brooks, enthusiast for nuclear power, and Democrat Rahm Emmanuel, a nuke industry consultant who's probably responsible for the Obama administration's (IMHO) criminally stupid, short-sighted and dangerous enthusiasm for nuclear power, together at a Springsteen show.

Gee, I wonder if Bruce did this song -- written in response to the disaster at Three Mile Island -- the night those two cynical shitheads held hands.

I tried to find my way out to somewhere where I thought it'd be safe
They stopped me at the roadblock they put up on the interstate
They put me in detention but I broke loose and then I ran
They said they want to ask me a few questions but I think they had other plans
Now I don't know who to trust and I don't know what I can believe
They say they want to help me but with the stuff they keep on sayin'
I think those guys just wanna keep on playin'

Roulette, with my life
Roulette, with my kids and my wife
Roulette, the bullet's in the chamber
Roulette, who's the unlucky stranger
Roulette, surprise, you're dead
Roulette, the gun's to your head
Roulette, the bullet's spinning in the chamber
Roulette, pull the trigger, feel the click
No further danger

Nah. Probably not.


Blue Ash Fan said...

As another pissed off leftie and a Springsteen fanatic, I'll just say "Amen" to this one. I'm just proud to say that I never trusted or supported Obama for a second and never will. Bait and switch.

steve simels said...

As a friend said, I expected to be disappointed with the Virtual Republican in the White House. I did not, however, expect to be appalled.

Blue Ash Fan said...

You have a wise friend, Steve. Very well put.

steve simels said...

Incidentally, I don't remember where I got that gun photo up top, but I suddenly have the urge to write a hard-boiled detective novel and use that one the book cover.

Anonymous said...

the sooner you realize that these guys in DC are all friends (despite their right or left leanings) the more this will make sense. The ideology is a sideshow that keeps the masses stirred up as they yuk it up backstage with the Boss.

Not sure if a storming of DC with pitchforks, guns 'n ammo will happen in my lifetime but it might.

cthulhu said...

it's amazing how ill-informed most people are about all of this...I know plenty of pissed off lefties who are solidly behind nuclear power.

Anonymous said...

Be scared, be very, very scared.


Catherine said...

I never trusted Obama. He was like a dorky kid suddenly invited to the popular kids' party. He tries to hard to make everyone happy, which is not what the cool kids do.
Rahm Emmanuel has issues. You can tell because he curses so much. He is a grown man, for heavens' sake.
How come all these shitheads get great seats at Springsteen concerts?