Monday, January 16, 2012

Rockin' the Van Allen Belt!!!

Okay, this one has the virtue of being both drolly amusing and musically stupendous.

From 1983, please enjoy the late great Steve Ferguson -- original guitarist of NRBQ -- doing business as Brother Steven and the Humanitarians, with a beyond smoking rendition of "Outer Space Boogie."

I am reliably informed, incidentally, that the performance was originally aired on WTZA (from Tappan Zee to Albany!) Channel 62, Kingston, New York, i.e.; the kind of local UHF station that probably doesn't exist anymore.

The lovely hostess, Tudi Wiggins, was a former soap opera star who reinvented herself as a talk show impresario with "Hudson Valley Today." She died in 2006, age 70.

Ferguson, alas, went to the great jam session in the sky in 2009, where more recently (last week, actually) he was joined by NRBQ drummer Tom Ardolino.

[h/t Matt Wright]

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ppulidog said...

Steve Ferguson was great !!!