Sunday, January 01, 2012

Post-Mortem & Playlist

Well, that was fun.

A three-hour playlist ended up running 5 hours and change, partly because we worked in some requests and questions from listeners, partly because we got talking about weird corners of things, partly because, well, that list was pretty long to begin with, and it was never going to have fit in three hours even if I had been silent as the tomb. I had included some "maybe" songs: we were having so much fun, we ended up playing them all. And people really seemed to like it!

But because we were between semesters (the only reason there was that kind of empty time to fill), the wireless was dodgy and I wasn't able to record what we were doing, which was a shame.

Anyway, here's the playlist.

Hour 1 (1964-73)
Opening: Fountains of Wayne, “Red Dragon Tattoo

British Invasion & American Effects

1. The Kinks (Aug 1964): “You Really Got Me
2. The Who: (Dec 64) “I Can’t Explain
3. The Beatles: (1966) “And Your Bird Can Sing

4. Byrds: (1965) “I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better
5. The Cyrkle: (1966): “Red Rubber Ball
6. Paul Revere & the Raiders: (1967) “Him or Me
7. The Beach Boys: (1967) “Heroes & Villains


8. The Move: (1968): “Fire Brigade
9. Emitt Rhodes: (1970): “Fresh as a Daisy
10. Badfinger: (1970): “No Matter What

11. Big Star: (1972): “When My Baby’s Beside Me” &
12. “September Gurls
13. Blue Ash: (1973) “Abracadabra (Have You Seen Her?)
14. Raspberries: (1972): “Go All the Way

Hour 2: Keeping the thread alive/ High Power Pop (1973-1980)

The magazines: Ira Robbins (Trans-Oceanic Trouser Press)/ Greg Shaw (Bomp!)

15. Dwight Twilley: (1976) “I’m on Fire” (but I played the single version!)
16. The Nerves: (1976) “Hangin’ On the Telephone
17. Flashcubes: (1978) “Christi Girl
18. Cheap Trick: (1978) “Surrender
19. The Jam (1978): “Down in the Tube Station at Midnight
20. The Undertones: (1978) “Teenage Kicks

The Class of 79-80
21. Blondie: (1978-9) “One Way or Another
22. The Knack: (1979) “My Sharona” &
23. “Good Girls Don’t
24. 20/20: (1979) “Backyard Guys
25. Shoes: (1979) “Tomorrow Night” &
26. “Too Late"
27. Paul Collins Beat: (1979) “Rock and Roll Girl” &
28. “I Don’t Fit In
29. The Records: (1979) “Starry Eyes

30. The Kings: (1980): “This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ to Glide
31. The Vapors: (1980) “News at Ten
32. Martha and the Muffins: (1980) “Echo Beach
33. XTC: (1980) “Respectable Street
34. Split Enz (1980): “I Got You

Hour 3
The Critics: Jordan Oakes (Yellow Pills), John Borack (Goldmine), Steve Simels (Stereo Review)

35. Ail Symudiad: (1981) “Garej Paradwys
36. The dBs: (1981) “Bad Reputation
37. The Plimsouls: (1983) “A Million Miles Away
38. Replacements: (1984) “Unsatisfied
39. Redd Kross: (1987) “McKenzie
40. Replacements: (1987) “Alex Chilton"
41. The Bangles: (1984) “Hero Takes a Fall

Alternative Pop
42. Material Issue: (1991) “Diane” &
43. “International Pop Overthrow
44. Teenage Fanclub: “Star Sign
45. Matthew Sweet (1991) “Girlfriend
46. Red Kross: (1993): “Jimmy’s Fantasy
47. Pixies: (1991) “Head On

48. Sugar: (1994) “Your Favorite Thing
49. Matthew Sweet: (1995) "Sick of Myself"
50. Smashing Pumpkins: (1993) “Today
51. Weezer: (1994) “In the Garage
52. Guided by Voices: (1995) “Game of Pricks” &
53. “My Valuable Hunting Knife

54. Old 97s: (1999) “Murder (or a Heart Attack)”
55. Rooney: (2007) “I Should’ve Been After You
56. Rifles: (2008) “Darling Girl
57. Tinted Windows: (2009) “Kind of a Girl
58. Fountains of Wayne (2011): “Richie & Ruben

Some of you were listening: thanks so much! I hope you enjoyed it!


barkingstars said...

I created a Spotify playlist of this tracklisting

NYMary said...

Ooo, thanks!

I feel like I haven't done much on spotify. How do you use it?

steve simels said...


I loved -- nay lurved the show (although I missed the middle section due to being in transit to Brooklyn).

However, one think puzzles me -- the discussion of the Kinks influence on "My Sharona," which I totally do not hear. Is mine a minority opinion or is it considered a given by most rational folks that the Knack song derives from the Kinks?

Shriner said...

Only in the sense that a lot of the early Kinks hits were "riff-rock" and My Sharona is completely a riff-driven song.

I wouldn't deny the Kinks influence, but I wouldn't say it's less of a stretch to say My Sharona was influenced by "Day Tripper", either.

MJConroy said...

Heard about 2/3 of it and managed a call into the studio!

buzzbabyjesus said...

I think the riff in "My Sharona" is pretty Kinky.

steve simels said...

Closer to "Gimme Some Lovin'". The octave thing....

buzzbabyjesus said...

But after the octave thing is a Kinda quote of "You Really Got Me" as a turnaround.

buzzbabyjesus said...

Thanks for the links, I'm having fun checking out the tunes I don't know.