Monday, January 23, 2012

Previously Unreleased Stereo Mixes of the Gods (An Occasional Series)

Uh, excuse me -- but did I somehow miss the memo on this one?

From the 2002 Abkco reissue of the Rolling Stones first greatest hits collection of the '60s, please enjoy "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" in glorious totally real stereo.

Seriously -- how did this get past me? Does everybody already know about it?

In any case, this is NOT a bootleg of an alternate take or weird mix featuring extra instruments; this is the same version as the single we've known in mono for all these years, only in very effective multi-channel.

For what it's worth, and as glad as I am to finally hear this, I think on balance the familiar mono version is just a tad punchier, but jeebus, this sounds great.

Of course, I'm still irked that none of you guys ever mentioned it to me before.


Isaac said...

We just got the 1964-1969 box set with this collection on vinyl--would that one have this stereo or mono?

Sal Nunziato said...

I mentioned it to you at the shop late August, 2004. But you were too gaga over the Bowie remasters to pay any attention to me.

pete said...

It does sound great, although I'd go for a little more rhythm guitar. Notice how the acoustic is driving the whole thing? Under My Thumb is another one - Brian Jones, man.

Anonymous said...

Gaga for Bowie? Oh Steve!


dave™© said...

Speaking of irksome not-mentioning - you never told me there was a picture of Keef at that stadium in Fresno in his autobiography:

The guy from the Fresno Bee says they got about 4500 at the show - I remember that stadium and that's a pretty good crowd!