Friday, January 13, 2012

Who Could Have Predicted?????

The things your can learn via the intertubes -- in this case, via a commenter over at love of my life Charles Pierce's superb political blog on the Esquire magazine site:
Brisbane is, and always has been, a massive twatwaffle. We here in Kansas City had to put up with him at the Star twice. During his first run, when he reviewed Neil Young's Rust Never Sleeps album, Brisbane went on a long rant about how terrible it was that Young was glorifying a punk rocker who did heroin and killed his girlfriend. Because, of course, Brisbane didn't know the difference between Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten. This level of knowledge has been fastidiously maintained throughout his career.
The Brisbane in question, of course, is Arthur S. Brisbane, the current public editor of the New York Times, who -- after a little kerfuffle this last Thursday -- is now widely conceded to be the stupidest man in American journalism.

Alas, the archives at the Kansas City Star don't go back to the '70s, so I wasn't able to find that Neil Young review. Nonetheless, it's kind of interesting to learn that before Brisbane became a clueless press watchdog he'd had an earlier career as a clueless rock critic.


Billy B said...

Out of the blue and into the black
[sidney vicious, vicious sidney]
They give you this and you pay for that
[sidney vicious, vicious sidney]

Anonymous said...

Is there a more underused word than "twatwaffle"?

kurt b. said...

If you listen closely you can hear the collective face palms of university journalism professors everywhere.

ms. rosa said...

I loved the call-and-response between commenters Jackie Orsi and Charlie Mangan because that was exactly what happened in my not-enough-coffee-yet thinking.

Blue Ash Fan said...

Charles Pierce is god! I'm addicted to that damn blog.

TMink said...

As far as Brisbane goes, ya can't fix stupid.