Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Programming Note

Barring a last minute disaster of some sort, I've decided that next week -- for reasons that I won't get into at the moment -- is going to be GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS!-themed.


I should also add -- in a typically shameless piece of self-promotion -- that you can listen to an mp3 of the latest noises I made on guitar with my now geriatric garage band high school buddies over here.

Pretty slick, I think, but YMMV.


Tom said...

No love for the Honeys?

Woodworker said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's Amy Winehouse in the middle, but who are the other two chicks?

steve simels said...

Good lord -- I hadn't noticed the resemblance before now, but damned if you're not right.