Monday, October 15, 2012

I Grow Old...I Grow Old...I Shall Wear the Sleeves of My Leather Jacket Rolled

Somebody forwarded me this picture on Friday; don't know the provenance of it, but it certainly does predict, amusingly, the rock 'n' roll nursing home of many of our futures.

And then I remembered that the hilarious Iron Prostate had anticipated all this on their epochal (but alas out of print) 1991 album Loud, Fast and Aging Rapidly.

On a song called ('natch) "Rock 'n' Roll Nursing Home."

The opening lyrics:
I wander the halls under fluorescent light
Don't even know if it's day or night
And it don't matter because I don't care
Got my Ramones albums and my blue-gray hair

In a rock rock rock rock rock 'n' roll nursing home
There's no place else I'd rather be
Than in a rock rock rock rock rock 'n' roll nursing home
It's laxatives and Geritol for me
And it just keeps getting better, actually. In fact, "Baby, let me take you for a ride on my Craftmatic Bed/Don't take much longer to decide because tonight you may be dead" may be the greatest couplet in the history of the world.


Rockin' Jeff said...

I got me a walker with studs and spikes!

danny1959 said...

And Little Feat's "Old Folks Boogie" is no longer ironic, Steve.

Anonymous said...

As it's been said: Be careful what you wish for..."


edward said...

Rolling Stones Tour: Mick Jagger & Friends Will Hit The Road For 50th Anniversary

buzzbabyjesus said...

This Iron Prostate song reminds of how much silly fun Punk could be, and also how bad. And I don't mean the "cool as a rule" bad I mean the "sometimes bad is bad" bad.