Monday, October 22, 2012

Rescue Me. Uh, Actually No -- Rescue Them!

From their 2012 album in progress Blah Blah Love and War, please enjoy Los Angeles indie pop-rockers The Rescues and their charmingly melodic, and charmingly sort of low-fi, ode to unwarranted optimism, "Everything's Gonna Be Better Next Year."

Wow. That's just cute as the proverbial bugs ear, IMHO.

I should confess that these kids were heretofore unknown to me -- hey, what can I tell you, I don't watch Grey's Anatomy (on which their music has been frequently showcased) -- but apparently they released a previous album on a major label. The relationship with said major label, however, seems to have been less than felicitous; I'm not saying the phrase "record company weasels" is necessarily pertinent, but I'm not saying it isn't, either.

In any case, after parting company with said major label, the Rescues have regrouped and are now doing it, as was said about sisters, for themselves.

As -- I suspect -- nature intended all along, and good for them.

If you want to help them, go over to their pledge page and give 'em some love.

And tell 'em PowerPop sent you.


buzzbabyjesus said...
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buzzbabyjesus said...

I gave it my usual minute which includes half the chorus. When you say "sort of low-fi", I think you mean that it's been compressed to death. It has acoustic guitars yet everything is still loud as sh*t and in your face. That sound and autotune are no-go for me.

steve simels said...

Well, in this case you should have kept listening -- it gets more inventive as it goes along, and the finale achieves an almost Beatle-esque splendor.

Of course, I love stuff that's compressed to death.

As Leo Kottke famously said, I think gimmicks are the heart and soul of music.

Oxy said...

I'm usually a sucker for this type of song, but I gotta go with BBJ on this one. I can handle the in your face sound, but....

...since it was brought up, hearing an autotune is an instant turn off for me. It's a cheat and really an insult to the listening public. What you have is a lead singer who basically can't sing. Does that make any sense? Too many "artists" using autotune these days. Hell, Paul McCartney even uses it now. On his last concert DVD, he autotuned his voice before releasing it for sale to the buying public. In my opinion, all CDs and the sites they're sold on, should be required to say when the lead vocals are or have been autotuned. I'll admit that I'm slightly off-topic now, but robotic sounding vocals just drive me nuts!