Thursday, May 28, 2009

...a Bad Sign?

From Born Under, his splendid 1994 solo debut, please enjoy Martin Zellar and his strangely uplifiting ode to depressing romantic fatalism "Lie to Me."

You know what to do -- just click on the play button below.

I knew nothing about Zellar when I first heard this, but my reaction at the time was almost chemical. Seriously, it was like hearing, oh, Buddy Holly or Lee Mavers of The La's for the first time -- just a spine-tingling voice that didn't really sound like anybody else you could put your finger on.

Later, of course, I found out that Zellar had been in a very entertaining kind of wiseass roots rock band, the Gear Daddies, whose Lets Go Scare Al was probably the most amusingly titled album of the 80s. There's a very nice YouTube of them on Letterman in 1991 that behooves beholding.

In any case, a great song, I think; you can download it HERE. If the authorization's expired by the time you arrive, e-mail me blah blah. Apparently, the divShare link has a download thingie too, and their stuff doesn't expire, so take your pick.


steve simels said...

Note to self: Largely obscure roots rockers from Minnesota less of a crowd pleaser than one might have thought.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I liked it!