Sunday, May 03, 2009

Hanson Is As Hanson Does

Just a little postcript to that delightful Tinted Windows clip Mary posted downstairs -- in case anybody thinks I was kidding about the fact that Hanson might have been a little more talented than we assumed back in the day, here's their quite astonishing 2000 single "This Time Around."

As you will have noticed, it's a song about mortality, fer crissakes, and coming from a bunch of kids whose testicles had barely descended I think you'd have to admit it's pretty damn audacious and wise beyond their years. Maybe that's why it flopped.

In any case, that the singer is now in the coolest supergroup of our time doesn't seem like a reach to me.

Oh, and if you want the mp3 of "This Time Around," just e-mail me.


steve simels said...

Note to self: Old videos featuring former teen sensations Hanson not as popular as might have thought.

Mister Pleasant said...

I am definitely on board with you on this one. In addition to the maturity of the lyrics and subject matter, the song is one of the best soft/loud rockers ever. That chorus is amazing.

I did not pay much attention to Hanson, but I sure will be tuned in to see how this particular Hanson develops. Based on the "Tinted Windows" video you posted earlier, I would say he is well on his way to some further great music.

John Fowler said...

I hadn't heard this one, gotta agree that is pretty good - but, I suppose I've always liked "MMMBop" as a guilty pleasure, so perhaps this follows?

Anyway, any comments about the album this is from, or other Hanson albums?

NYMary said...

(Not sure Sunday evening is a high traffic time; I wouldn't take it too personally.)