Monday, May 25, 2009

The Big 80s!

From 1986, please enjoy future Rembrandts honcho Danny Wilde in his pre-Friends days, and a big guilty pleasure of mine, "Isn't It Enough."

You know what to do -- just click on the play button below.

This was a big MTV hit back in the day (the video is available for viewing over at YouTube) but for some reason the album it's from has never been on CD. I actually got the song from the old Napster back in 2000; I'm guessing it's a rip from vinyl.

That said, despite the occasional overheated 80s lyric (that crap about "your fire" makes me cringe) I still think this is a terrific record, with very cool guitar riffage and a hauntingly impassioned vocal. Plus the titular chorus strikes, for want of a better word, a chord in me, but that probably has more to do with the state of my pathetic love life in the late 80s than perhaps I need get into. Let's just say that I can identify with what the poor sad bastard in the song is going through.

In any case, you can download it HERE; as always if the authorization has expired before you get there, just e-mail me for the mp3. I think you can also download it from the divShare link, and apparently their authorizations don't expire, so take your pick.


NYMary said...

Danny Wilde-related report from the field: talking to John Murphy the other night, and we were talking about his impressions of Richard Dashut, who had produced Fleetwood Mac and then did Tongue Twister. He said, "It was backstage someplace, I think maybe the Whiskey?" To which I immediately replied "Yeah, it was a Great Buildings show."

Poor guy just stared at me for a good 30 seconds.

It occurs to me that this has to be at least as weird for them as it is for me.

steve simels said...

Note to self: Anger at all things FRIENDS still more potent than I'd imagined.

befuggled said...

Isn't this Memorial Day weekend? In Toronto I've gotten a bit confused about that.

I'm not angry about Friends. If it comes on the television while I'm around, I just start screaming until someone turns it off or changes the channel. But I'm not angry.

John Fowler said...

It is worth mentioning that that entire album by Danny Wilde is downloadable (no charge!) at his website: