Monday, May 04, 2009

More Scenes from Racine

That is, the Shoes' Warmup show on March 28. The site says:
Amidst one of the biggest snowstorms of the spring season, SHOES treked out to JJ McAuliffe's Pub on March 28, 2009 to play their first show in over a year. Despite getting over 9 inches of snow dumped on the region that night, SHOES fans gathered from miles around (some traveling from as far as Minneapolis, MN)! Club owner and host, JJ McAuliffe warmly welcomed the band and gave a heart-felt introduction to start the show. The band opted to forego the customary road crew and do this gig "old school" with minimal gear and no stagehands (in preparation
for the unknown that may lie ahead at the Tokyo venues). Despite the intermittant failure of one of Jeff's Hiwatt guitar amps and his broken guitar string on "I Don't Miss You", the guys played for over 90 minutes in a set that not only included longtime SHOES' favorites like "Too Late", "Tomorrow Night" and "Feel The Way That I Do", but also included a brand new song called "Rugged Terrain" (a demo of this appears on the "As-Is" CD) and some rarely played songs like "Get My Message" and "Don't Do This To Me". All-in-all, it was a hot night, despite the cold outside!

Check the "Burned Out Love" wmv!


steve simels said...

Cool stuff, thanks.

Incidentally, any chance you could shoot me the mp3 of "Rugger Terrain"?

I'll send you something neat in return...

NYMary said...

You don't have As/Is? It's kind of cool, especially the outtakes disk. Not everything is good, but there are several unexpected gems there, including the bitchin' and overlooked "Jet Set," one of my hardcore faves.

The other disk has One in Versailles and Bazooka and it's pretty primitive. But there are some excellent riffs here and there, and you can see where things are going. Kinda like Stephen Hero.

It was actually the As/Is liner notes that got me thinking that a proper narrative would be a cool thing to have.

NYMary said...

It occurs to be that the reference to Stephen Hero might be a little, err, specialized for some people. Basically, my man James Joyce wrote his classic novel A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man before he wrote it, that is, there's a full-length novel out there that he totally cannibalized for A Portrait. That's what the "Is" disk on As/Is sounds like to me: the before-what-you-know, chasing the threads of what will become familiar. Like looking at pictures of your spouse as a kid.

And I will go to the mat for "Jet Set," but then, I've always been a sucker for a good pick slide.

/takes off geek hat, which suspiciously resembles propeller beanie, fluffs hair

Anonymous said...

I posted the new song from this concert on youtube
Search: shoes rugged terrain