Thursday, April 07, 2011

Annals of the Oddly Dressed

The original 1965 promo clip for The Yardbirds "For Your Love."

A record that changed my life. This video, on the other hand, would probably have just confounded me, had I seen it at the time. Although it's definitely worthwhile if only to note how embarrassed Jeff Beck looks in that ridiculous hat; we can only hope he wasn't wearing it on American Idol last night.

[h/t ROTP]


edward said...

Wow, that's some artsy French New Wave filmmaking there.

Faze said...

Imagine ... despite having Jeff Beck on guitar, the lead instrument on the Yardbirds' first single was the bongo drums.

So. How change life?

jackd said...

I know it's mostly the cut of the helm, but the bassist looks a lot like John Cleese as the French knight in _Holy Grail_. And I notice around 2:30-2:45 the drummer appears to accidentally fall off his stool before the deliberate drop at the end.

Anonymous said...

Priceless! And they borrowed Fang's Paul Revere and the Raiders outfit, too!

Billy B said...

Great tune.

I have a version on vinyl recorded in Mempho at Sun Studios done acoustically with sitar. IIRC, this was the version that the band planned on releasing but, due to the recording technology of the time, couldn't get an even sound on the sitar so Jeff strapped on the telly with fuzztone.

Billy B said...

Correction. I was having a senior moment. The tune I was referring to above is "Heart Full of Soul".


TMink said...

One of the truly great pop songs. Tempo changes, great instrumentation, good singing, and wonderful timbres and sounds.