Monday, April 11, 2011

What If Your Favorite Album...

...was a book?

Hmm. Perhaps it would look like one of these.


I don't know what wisenheimer(s) is/are responsible for these, but you can see more of their work over here, and I've got to say -- this is perhaps the cleverest and best executed idea of its kind since Guy Peellaert painted his first Rock Dreams.

[h/t watertiger]


bglobe313 said...

This stuff is brilliant.

Ace K.

geor3ge said...

P. Rogers Nelson is like the F. Scott Fitzgerald of masturbation fantasies.

J. Loslo said...

I'll never hear "Idiot Wind" the same way again.

steves said...

Great stuff! (I think Dylan should hire him for his next album cover.)

Anonymous said...

I'm just reading "Just Kids" and I think Patti Smith would crack up at "Horses."