Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Mystery Track

The Beatles' classic "Baby's in Black." As performed at a jingle house demo studio in Manhattan, sometime between 1975-77 by -- guess who?

Hint: The artist in question is as close to being a powerpop god as anyone currently wearing shoeleather.

[h/t A Certain Unidentified Reader]

CORRECTION: A friend forwarded this post to the great Marshall Crenshaw himself.

His response:

"That ain't me.. I have no idea who it is, where it came from, nada..
Sometimes I pretend not to know what things are if they embarrass me but this really has nothing to do with me, honest..."

I regret the error.


Shriner said...

I want to say Alex Chilton (based on the date), but I'm probably wrong.

steve simels said...

Yes you are. But not a bad guess.

edward said...

Sounds like T-Bone Burnett hiding his Texas accent, but don't think he qualifies as a power pop god.

steve simels said...

No and no.

FD13NYC said...

Early Marshall Crenshaw?? Sorry I peeked. And who was Ray and Bloom anyway?

steve simels said...

Guys from Beatlemania when Marshall was in it..

Kevin Walsh said...

Richard X.?

Anonymous said...

From the vibratos, these guys sound a bit older.

Johnny Pop said...

Love the Vibrators and Undertones. Have you guys heard of the Booze of The CRY! ? I found them yesterday and was heartened about leaving Powerpop to the young. Now I just need to find a way to get to Atlanta or Portland!