Monday, October 17, 2011

The Way They Were

The Beatles in Hamburg, 1960. One of the most iconic photos of the second half of the 20th century -- rock or otherwise -- as you've never seen it before.

That Astrid Kircherr really had an eye, didn't she?

[h/t Steve Schwartz]


Gordy said...

I love that we can see the crop lines...

pete said...

Is Pete Best wearing Hush Puppies? Or, as they're called in England, "brothel-creepers"?

Th guy never really fit in, did he?

buzzbabyjesus said...

Nothing wrong with hush puppies or 'creepers'.

No great band doesn't have a great drummer.

And Pete's drumming wasn't up to snuff.

I've heard the Decca demos.

steve simels said...

To the Beatles everlasting credit, when ANTHOLOGY came out, with some of the demo tracks with Pete included, they apparently settled a couple of million dollars on him.