Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday Shameless Filler (Special Bovine Fecal Matter Edition)

From 1989, please enjoy Gerry Devine and the Hi-Beams -- the band I was toiling with at the time -- and an absolutely hilariously inept rehearsal version of our cover of Herb Alpert's 1962 instrumental classic "The Lonely Bull."

Unfortunately, no live version of this featuring the lyrics we wrote to the tune have survived, but I swear to god we actually used to sing them.
See that bull
He's a lonely bull
What a lonely bull
Lonely bull
Oh that bull
He's a lonely bull
Such a lonely

That bull's such a lonely bull
He's by himself
That's why he's a lonely bull
He ain't got nobody else

I'm really cracking myself up today, obviously.

I suspect everybody else reading this, however, is backing away from the computer very, very slowly.


buzzbabyjesus said...

No, you're cracking me up too. I mentally sang the lyrics with the perfectly good surf music version of the song. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You got to give the hat tip to the Ayatollah Carl Meany, who wrote those plangent lyrics...

steve simels said...

Anon -- thank you for correcting me. I am deeply upset that we've been taking credit for somebody else's genius work all these years.

As I'm wont to say -- we regret the error.

Billy B said...

That's deep. Real deep.

Shriner said...

Love the lyrics. Top notch.

Now come up with lyrics for Pipeline and Apache and you've got something cooking!

FD13NYC said...

Nice surfy version. I miss the trumpet though.

Noam Sane said...

Back on, err, topic - the AV Club has a very interesting "Beginner's Guide to Power Pop" that behooves beholding. Or vice versa.,86527/

I guess we could file this under "other delights"?

Anonymous said...

Were you guys Soupy Sales ghostwriters? Don't try to deny it.


Anonymous said...

The groups who sold the most records in the 1960s were the Beatles, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, and the Tijuana Brass (according to an article I read). Not hard to believe. Everyone's dad owned a few Herb Alpert records...