Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Travel Notes, Odds 'n' Ends and Other Stuff

Getting ready to head back to the USA -- where, as you know, and as Chuck Berry informed us, the hamburgers sizzle on the open grills night and day -- so, given the rigors of international flight and the inevitable decompression upon our jet lagged arrival, posting will probably be fitful until Friday.

In the meantime, let me simply say and for the record that although Bruges is on balance NOT, as Colin Farrell observed in the magisterial In Bruges, a fuckin' hellhole, it IS one weird wacky town. As evidence, I give you the following photos taken by moi during our weekend there.

This painting, in an apartment window, was the first thing we saw on arrival

And of course, this. Because nothing says 15th century Cathedral town like a nose ring.

Also, in Floor Models news, our Australian mogul over at Zero Hour Records has posted two songs from Floor Your Love on YouTube. Please enjoy the sublimely Beatles/Buddy Holly/Byrds pastiche that is "Spin Cycle"....

...and then what we used to refer to as a dark psychedelic song in e-minor, AKA "Fade Into Grey."

And a final programming note, which completely floors me (no pun intended): A total stranger in Sweden will be playing one of our songs on the radio tonight.

"Tomorrows "Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More" show on Radio Andra brings you musical delights from: The Singles. The Stairs, The Movements, RAF, Robby Allen and The Kite Collectors, Glenn Robinson, The Zags, Phenomenal Cat, The Early Hours, The Sadies, The Barry Holdship Four, The Chords, The Brigadier, Exploding Hearts, The Frowning Clouds and The Floor Models.

Listen in online at 7pm CET here. www.radioandra.se"

Ain't that a kick in the pants?


steves said...

Sweden :hearts: The Floor Models. And two words come to mind, Steve: Blonde groupies!

Also, I was a bit surprised ZeroHour made a video for Fade Into Grey. That was one of the "problem kids." Speaking of which...I assume my CD in the mail, as they say?

steve simels said...

I assume they're in the mail to me; according to my sources in Hackensack, the package has not arrived as of Tuesday.

You'll be the first to know, I swear.

Dave said...

These sound seriously great, especially "Spin Cycle." Just bought mine at Zero Hour.