Tuesday, March 09, 2010

It's True -- Life IS High School

From 1964, please enjoy the very posh Chad (Stuart) and Jeremy (Clyde), and one of the loveliest records of the British Invasion -- "Summer Song."

Like I said, one of the loveliest records of its day, so it will perhaps come as no shock to learn that my teenage garage band pals and I used to perform it with slightly altered lyrics that didn't quite reflect the song's original spirit. I offer them here (penned by my long time chum Allan Weissman) in the hope that you might sing them along with the track at your leisure.

Crashing into mountain sides
With the loss of many lives
That's what I like

Areas of babies heads
Hit them there and they'll be dead
That's what I like

They say that all good things
Must end someday
Governments must fall
But don't you know
That it hurts me more
When I read in the news
That someone got mugged last night
It serves them right

So when your aunt
Goes and takes her landlord's life
And does it with a butcher knife
That's what I like

That's what I like.
Hey -- we were kids. Besides, nobody told us that Weird Al Yankovic would have a career based on crap like that...


Anonymous said...

Still some of my all time favorite lyrics!


TMink said...

OH, our embarassing pasts. THe first band I was in had TWO impersonaters in it. One Elvis, who was actually pretty good, and one Neil Diamond. What we were doing with a Neil Diamond impersonator still escapes me.


steve simels said...

Auditioning for a summer stock version of "The Jazz Singer"?

Elizabeth C. said...

What we were doing with a Neil Diamond impersonator still escapes me.

You're familiar with Super Diamond?
If not, Google 'em - they're huge.

TMink said...

Wow. I listened to part of one Super Diamond song and it had me crying I was laughing so hard! We were in high school, so nowhere near that slick, but we had some of the same songs in our setlist!!!!

Thank you so much Jeff, that is a great link I will use often when I need a big belly laugh.


MBowen said...

Hey, you went through the trouble of finishing it off.

AWeasel said...

Congratulations on remembering the words after so many years. Perhaps we were punk before it was fashionable.