Thursday, March 11, 2010

...of course, of course!

This really has nothing to do with the mission statement here at PowerPop, but the other day I got the following headsup from my old pal Jim Gath (a college roommate, if you must know) and obviously, I had to pass it along.

Jim's been doing something really wonderful for the last couple of years at a place called the Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary, and the following is both self-explanatory and for a really good cause.

Here's a modest little win/win proposition for you.....

We've put together a real nice DVD called The Horses of Tierra Madre. It's only a few minutes long, but in it, you'll get to meet all the "kids" and hear about a number of them. You'll also learn a lot about this place and how and why we do what we do.

That's a bit of a win right there, isn't it? To be able to spend a few minutes with some really nice horses.

You'll also kind of win by being able to deduct the $20 (post-paid) donation we're asking for it from your taxes. Unless, of course, you enjoy bailing out multi-billion-dollar banks.

We'll win by being able to use your donations toward hay and supplements and medicines and everything else the horses of Tierra Madre need on a daily basis.

It's easy, too. You can simply go to the PayPal feature on our website -- -- and don't worry, there's not a particular place to order the DVD. We'll just know that any $20 is for your DVD and take it from there.

Natch, you can also send a check through the mail.

There are 32 horses -- and one skinny grey-haired guy -- who would appreciate it very much. And I guarantee you'll enjoy it. Or your money back.


Jim Gath
27115 N. 45th St.
Cave Creek, AZ 85331
Here's a little teaser from the aforementioned video. And if this doesn't put a lump in your throat, seek immediate medical attention.

Anyway, go over to the website and give Jim and the horses some love. And tell him PowerPop sent you.


Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary said...

Thank you, Brother Simels, for doing this. 33 happy horses, a dog, & one skinny ol' long-haired (albeit grey) child of rock 'n roll thank you very much.


TMink said...

A wise man cares for his animals. That is in Proverbs. Good job Jim.


Nora Charles said...

Lovely, thank you. On my way over to Tierra Madre, with Patti's "Horses" playing in my head... and my word is "hommings"!

Kelly said...

Jim totally ROCKS with his "kids"!!