Thursday, March 25, 2010

Songs I've Just Realized I Can't Live Without: Don't Believe a Word

From 1965 (and, more specifically, the 2002 deluxe stereo reissue edition of their classic debut album) here's The Who and the heartfelt but possibly suspect declaration "It's Not True."

Inspirational verse:
“I haven’t got 11 kids
I weren’t born in Baghdad
I’m not half-Chinese either
And I didn’t kill my dad”
I hadn't even thought about this song in ages, but it turned up yesterday in the latest (characteristically brilliant) entry in my pal David Klein's Numerology series over at the invaluable Merry Swankster and now I can't stop playing it. Sneakily insouciant, to be sure, and like "A Legal Matter," from the same album, it does perhaps provide an insight into an earlier (just pre-The Pill) generation of young hipster guys' anxieties. The Baghdad reference also seems rather prescient, now that I think of it.


Anonymous said...

Listen very closely to Daltry at 1:37. Such a potty mouth.


Wendy said...

The color of Roger's hair is unreal.

And there's no question that these guys would be huge if they arrived on the scene today ...