Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Annals of Art Direction (An Occasional Series)

Attentive readers will recall that during last week's Weasel Week, I posted a song -- the work of friend of PowerPop Jai "Guru" Dave Hawxwell -- from The Weasels 2013 masterwork crime against nature Vin Weasel.

And noted that the cover art was unavailable.

Well, here, at last, it is.

And I gotta say -- that just cracks my shit up.

I should add that like all the great Weasels album covers, it is the work of a certain beautiful and brilliant Shady Dame of my acquaintance. I think she's outdone herself with this one, however.

And don't worry -- I'm not gonna post any more songs from the album; I wouldn't inflict of THAT stuff on you at this late date.

You're welcome.


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buzzbabyjesus said...

The cover elevates the proceedings. Nice work!