Friday, January 16, 2015

It's Weasels Week: Part V -- Saving the Best For Last. Or Something.

From 2015 -- and a cramped attic studio somewhere in the wilds of upstate New Jersey -- please enjoy my old high school garage band The Weasels...

...and "Nothing is Right," the lead-off track -- and perhaps the one with the most potential commercial potential -- from their forthcoming indie EP crime against nature, the aptly titled Let There Be Weasels.

This one is a genuine Weasels collaboration; the song's composer -- Jai "Guru" Dave Hawxwell -- sings lead and plays rhythm guitar; bassist Allan "Al" Weissman contributes the bass guitar, and I'm responsible for most of the rest of the louder electric guitar stuff. The gorgeous solo, however, is what the French refer to as the resisting piece; it's a seamless edit of passes by both moi and our genius producer Glenn Leeds; see if you can guess which phrases are whose.

I should add that Jai "Guru" Dave is the one with the great hair and mustache in the bottom left photo in the album cover. Sorry girls -- he's married.

I should also add that Jai "Guru" Dave has for many years manifested a -- frankly well deserved -- inferiority complex about his songwriting prowess, considering himself a sad third place writer compared to Al and Glenn. However, on this basis of this most recent effort -- not to mention "Mercy," his contribution to our previous album....

...the brilliantly monikered Vin Weasel (album art not available), we may have to get the poor guy out of therapy.

Seriously -- those two are among the best damn things we've ever done. Kudos and huzzahs, my goyische friend!!!


Jai Guru Dave said...

If only John and Paul had said the same kind words to George, the Beatles would never have broken up!

steves said...

Great song, Dave!