Wednesday, January 07, 2015

I Am SOOOOOOOO Covering This Song Before I Die

From 1998, please enjoy the incomparable Roots Rock Action Figures and the utterly fucking genius rocker that is "No Great Shakes."

In case you don't know who these guys are, they're led by the amazing R.S. Field, who is the genius songwriter and producer behind the classic Webb Wilder alt-country albums (which you really need to check out) from back in the day.

Webb's version of this one is a little slicker, but this fucking kills me in a Keith Richards Goes PowerPop sort of way.


Elroy said...

This is great! How's the rest of the album?

steve simels said...

Haven't had a chance to hear it yet -- I'll keep you posted.

But I highly recommend Webb Wilder's CDS, including Doo Dad and It Came From Nashville

Anonymous said...

And Wilder's even better live. That tour he did locally with Southern Culture On the Skids was legendary.

RRAF feature Kenny Vaughan on guitar. I'm a fan of his playing. Field assembled some stalwart musicians for this one off(?) band and the album pretty much delivers in writing and production. But some of the well-crafted songs lack that certain spark and, while tasty, you wonder how long the flavor will last.

Just my honest opinion, of course. You should be able to find this one for cheap in the used bins and it would be a sound investment.

Vickie Rock

FD13NYC said...

Another good one Steve! Can't download it though, DivShare's not letting me. Could you shoot me over the mp3 please, much appreciated.

steve simels said...

Frank -- will do.