Thursday, January 15, 2015

It's Weasels Week: Part IV -- A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius

From 2015 -- and a cramped attic studio somewhere in the wilds of upstate New Jersey -- please enjoy my old high school garage band The Weasels...

...and the lyrically droll and (musically) charmingly Rockpile-esque confection that is "Hard to Understand," the second track from their forthcoming indie EP crime against nature -- the aptly titled Let There Be Weasels.

This one is written, sung and produced by our multi-instrumentalist secret weapon Glenn Leeds; Glenn's on vocals, keyboards, harmonica and most of the guitars, while our chum Allan Weissman is on bass, and I contribute the twangy recurring riff, and both the 12-string and Buddy Holly-style halves of the solo. I absolutely love this song, and not solely because the central conceit is the kind of thing Vincent Van Gogh might have come up with had he been from suburban Paramus.

I should add that Glenn is widely celebrated (although without any legal unpleasantness) as the purveyor of the best studio handclaps in the business. Seriously. This is he, from 1970, clapping his brains out on Bobby Bloom's delightful hit recording of "Monetego Bay." This is not a joke, BTW -- that's actually Glenn.

I should also add that I'd had no idea of his contribution to this musical milestone until last month. So belatedly, let me simply say, and for the record (as it were) to Glenn -- I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy.


Jai Guru Dave said...

I notice that my contributions are, once again, un-credited. Anti-gentile bias, no doubt.
Let the record show that, as Richard Nixon once actually said: "I take full responsibility, but not the blame".

steve simels said...

I thought you weren't on this?

Jai Guru Dave said...

Seriously?? I'm playing rhythm guitar and singing the harmony vocals.
And you didn't notice the new frock I was wearing the other night either!! There's only so much a girl can take!

Anonymous said...

Hey gang, can you tell these guys have known each other for close to sixty years?

Capt. Al