Thursday, January 28, 2010

Block That Metaphor!

Been meaning to post this for a while -- it's another track from that Live at CBGBs double LP from 1976 we mentioned last week.

So -- please enjoy Bowery faves The Miamis and their simultaneously funny, sweet and rousing ode to service(!) with a smile, the anthemic "We Deliver."

I know very little about these guys beyond the fact that they were from NYC and played at CBGBs a lot. It's a fabulous song, though, and as with the Laughing Dogs (see link above) it's all but impossible to imagine how it or the band ever got tagged as punk or underground.


TMink said...


Punk and underground like Barry Manilow.


steve simels said...

Note to self: Obscure 70s NYC bands with prominent chest hair less interesting to readers than expected.

faze said...

I'm sure we don't have to remind anyone that most of the bands that played CBs in its heyday were run-of-the-mill mainstream groups who wanted to be successful. It was mainly 70s musical tedium, punctuated by the wonderfully vivid exceptions we all know. "We Deliver" is great song. One hearing plopped it straight onto my mental turntable where it will play all night. (The chest hair is a disturbing image, I'll try to forget.)