Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sad News

Knack Frontman Doug Fieger Fighting Lung and Brain Cancer

Doug Fieger, frontman for the Knack, is reportedly dying. According to the Detroit News, the man behind 1979's classic 'My Sharona' and its parent album 'Get the Knack' has lung and brain cancer.

Still, Fieger, 57, has a pretty positive outlook on his mortality, considering the three craniotomies and whole-brain radiation he has endured. "Everybody is in the same spot," the Southern California-based rocker told the paper. "I just know there is something that will potentially end my time here."

We here at Power Pop wish him the best during this difficult time.

(WTF is with the commenters at that site? Way to stay classy!)


steve simels said...

I wonder if he has health insurance, if that isn't too crass a question to ask at a time like this.

Seriously -- I hope he beats it...

FD13NYC said...

Sad news. Always liked The Knack, good band. I hope he pulls through. If not, his music will always be remembered.

It would be the second loss, with the original drummer gone too.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Odd. I just downloaded "Re-Zoom".

I also hope he manages. Meanwhile, useless gasbags like rush Limbaugh get the best health care available to man.

Mike said...

Ah damn. Just the other day on my facebook page I was asking what the ultimate skinny-tie pop anthem was, and there was high praise for the Knack.

Best wishes to Doug.

TMink said...

God Bless and Keep you Doug.

Nobody, NOBODY was better at putting sexual frustration into music than those guys. It is a good moment when they come up on my iPod.


dave™© said...

Didn't his brother have the same thing?