Thursday, January 14, 2010

This Sporting Life

And speaking of Australian popsters The Sports, as we were below -- where the hell have these guys been all my life?

From 1978, here they are with a slightly earlier and interestingly different version of their classic "Who Listens to the Radio."

And from the same year, here they are with The Searchers' classic Jackie DeShannon penned "When You Walk In the Room."

Seriously, I've never seen either of these clips before today, and jeebus, these guys were good. Now excuse me, while I see if I can find some illegal downloads of the albums these two came from.


steve simels said...

Note to self: Two videos of obscure Australian 70s pub rock bands may be at least one more than readers are interested in.

DeepKarma said...

Refering back to the comment someone left in the earlier post, the Joe Jackson-esque vocals seems even more pronounced in this version of Radio.

Thanks alot Steve. Here's another band I'm gonna have to dip into Jr's college fund to obsessively collect.

cyndicat said...

Strangers on a Train and Suspicious Minds are also fabulous tunes from The Sports, who hailed from Melbourne.

Just one of many great bands spawned during the flourishing pub scene in the 80s, sadly killed off due to the introduction of poker machines.

Lead singer Stephen Cummings is still recording.

MBowen said...

I saw The Sports at the bottom of a triple-bill at the Palladium. The other bands were The Fall and The Buzzcocks. Don't remember much about them, but I do remember "Who Listens To The Radio".

Anonymous said...

Aforementioned Strangers on a Train clip

Do I foresee a 'Most Memorable Post-Elvis Pop or Rock Record containing Hitchcock Allusion' Listomania ?

Anonymous said...

While we're talking great australian songs of the era