Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hey -- I Got a Check For Fifteen Dollars For This Joke!

My comment at the Village Voice's annual Pazz and Jop Critics Poll, on newstands now.

Not a particularly good year for music or much else, I think, but it did at least provide a vindication for Devo's theory of things evolving backwards. I for one clearly remember contemplating diva du jour Amy Winehouse back in 2007 and hoping she wouldn't kill herself. And yet here I am now, a mere two years later, contemplating diva du jour Lady Gaga and hoping I won't kill myself.

Steve Simels
Hackensack, NJ

My best albums of the year list is over there somewhere as well.


TMink said...

I laughed! Worth at least $15!


Gummo said...

Sue me, I have no problem with Lady GaGa.

Wendy said...
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Wendy said...

I know what you mean ... here I was thinking Madonna was the least talented, most pretentious diva out there, and then along comes one who is even less talented and even more pretentious.

billy b said...


steve simels said...

Seriously -- if anybody out there can claim, sincerely, that they listen to that "Poker Face" record for pleasure, than I can only assume they are so seriously perverse of ears as to be beyond my ken entirely.

TMink said...

BG, I like the way you think.


TMink said...

OK, this is totally off topic, but you guys will love it.

I got my 15 year old Beatles Rock Band for Christmas. She loves it, no surprise, but the gravy has been how my three 7 year olds reacted.

They have become Beatles fanatics! They love the game, they are learning the songs, and they sing them at the drop of a hat. It is an amazing feeling to be driving home from school and having a car full of kids singing Yellow Submarine or Twist and Shout or Get Back. Especially Get Back. That is the favorite of my son Thomas, who was a cute w for r thing going on. "Tuscon Awizona" will make you smile for three days. I swear.

The kids now ask for Beatles in the car whenever we drive anywhere! As a song comes on, they sing and play air drums. It is way, way, way cool.

If you have kids, or hang around other people's kids a lot, you must consider getting them the game. It will strangely and wonderfully bring joy to your life.