Thursday, April 22, 2010

An Early Clue to the New Direction: I'll Hate Myself in the Morning Edition

From 1965, please enjoy unlikeliest teen idol of his era Soupy Sales and the b-side to his smash hit "Do the Mouse," the venerable ode to the mysterious Levant, "Pachalafaka."

I'd been searching for a free download of this for like ages, so it's a genuine pleasure to finally be able to share the wonder that is "Pachalafaka" with all of you. And as always, a coveted PowerPop No-Prize will be awarded to the first reader who gleans the song's relevance to the theme of the upcoming Weekend Listomania, but for reasons that will be come apparent tomorrow, I think such an eventuality highly unlikely.


Wendy said...


Okay, I have absolutely no idea.

steve simels said...

Well, clearly it's not songs about Turkey. The country, I mean.

Gummo said...

I have probably not heard this song since was maybe 12.

A sincere thank you for tracking this baby down.

Now as to topic:

Best post-Elvis nonsense/novelty songs?

steve simels said...

Best post-Elvis nonsense/novelty songs?

That's great and I'm totally going to steal it sometime soon.

But no

Unknown said...

Songs that begin with P?

FD13NYC said...

Funny songs put out by funny comedians in the 60's? Songs with a lot of consonants? Comedians with hit songs who made it onto Teen Magazine covers? (weren't many)

Oh, and while were at it, another of my faves from that great decade was Guy Marks doing his classic Loving You Has Made Me Bananas.

TMink said...

Songs containing nonsense words. Do do do blah blah blah.

Great lost songs of our youth.


Anonymous said...

I haven't a clue.

I just want to say "Blink your eyes Pook!"


geor3ge said...

Songs covered on the Muppet Show?

Who Am Us Anyway? said...

songs that invoke foreign lands, countries, cities, people, food or drink?

~*Neon Serpent*~ said...

B-Sides that are superior to the A-Side?

~*Neon Serpent*~ said...

B-Sides that are superior to the A-Side?

befuggled said...

Best/worst albums featuring the sons of comedians?

MBowen said...

Looking at that magazine cover, I'm amused that all the "autographs" are in the same handwriting.

As far as the clue goes: songs about mythical places?

steve simels said...

Okay, no no no no and no.

And I just want to apologize to everybody up front.