Friday, April 30, 2010

A Little Help for a Good Cause

I happened across this kind of accidentally:
THE STORY: Nothing Can Hurt Me: The Big Star Story is a feature-length documentary about the massive acclaim, dismal commercial failure and enduring legacy of pop music’s greatest cult band, Big Star.

These two filmmakers are raising money for the documentary, and they're almost there! Minimum donation is $5, but even at a moderate $35, you start getting public television-style rewards, and some of them are very, very cool!

We're a community: let's help these kids out. I'm in on payday, I promise faithfully.


steve simels said...

I'm down for some cash, too. This is a great project.

Although it would be nice if the words "Chris Bell" appeared somewhere in that plea you linked to.

TMink said...

Thanks Steve. I put in a bit, and the project had made budget!