Thursday, April 02, 2020

Adam Schlesinger 1967--2020

A very great man has passed.

I never met the guy, which is a major regret of my life. But obviously he was one of the reasons NY Mary started this here blog and why I have been doing it all these years since she gave me the metaphorical keys to the car.

I will simply say that I am heartbroken.

And filled with cold fury at the schmucks -- both in and out of the administration -- who enabled this plague. Damn them all to hell.


Blue Ash Fan said...

His passing somehow made this nightmare more real. I'm just gutted. That this didn't have to happen is probably the worst part.

Gummo said...

Such a talent.

Such a waste.


Anonymous said...

I too am hearbrokern and loved all his work.

But it is a virus, a GLOBAL pandemic. It's not a politcal movement.

Did you blame Jimmy Carter for AIDS?

Hate the orange man all you want. He's not responsible for Italy and China and the fact that the whole damn world is getting infected.

steve simels said...

Sorry, the Trump administration bungled the response to this plague out of a combination of incompetence and pure E evil. Schlesinger’s blood is on their hands and on those of anybody who voted for Trump.

Gummo said...

What Steve Said.

neal t said...

what SS said squared. He is toad stool like pecker deep in blood for this and all the other and future deaths caused by DTJCV19.

Mark said...

A bungled response is one thing. To deny a bungled response instead of owning up, taking control, and leading is another. Say what you will about Agent Orange, but he IS consistent. He’s the same carnival-barking empty sleeve today as he was when campaigning.

M_Sharp said...

Very unfortunate, he was a great talent. It could have been prevented with anyone competent in charge.

Anonymous said...

You're right, I don't blame Jimmy Carter for AIDS. I blame Ronald Reagan for his *response* to AIDS. And Trump's response is even worse than that. I'm 68 years old - where is my test?