Tuesday, April 07, 2020

It's the Smallest World in the World

From 2019 B.V. (before the virus), please enjoy Australian rock goddess Sarah McCleod in her home studio with an utterly transplendent version of the venerable "House of the Rising Sun."

As I inferred in the intro, McLeod is kind of a household word Down Under, mostly for her role as the frontwoman of a band charmingly monikered The Superjesus. You can read more about her life and career over at Wikipedia here.

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit, however, that I hadn't been aware of her until yesterday, when I was at YouTube looking for this Floor Models song...

... which was written from life by our 12-string ace Andy Pasternack in the late 80s, and -- to the best of my knowledge -- about some other Sarah McLeod.

And that "House of the Rising Sun" video popped up instead.

Needless to say, I immediately found an intertube link for Ms. McLeod, and informed her of the charming coincidence.

Her pithy response was, simply, "oh wow."

[h/t Peter Scott]


steve simels said...

I have that same guitar tuner. Just saying. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sarah McLeod reminds me of Patti LaBelle and that is not a complement. Sarah is way too histrionic for my tastes, she sings way over the top with no real feeling just over emoting for effect (affect).

But Captain tell us how you really feel.

Captain Al

Paul Kelly said...

I confess I have to agree with the captain above. It’s a voice to reckon with, but she is certainly no Janice. But, then again, who is?