Saturday, April 25, 2020

Reggae in the Age of Pandemic

The new Rolling Stones single, which seems relevant to our current situation.

I think these youngsters have a future. Particularly the harp player.


Alzo said...

First impression: well, this is rather tepid... at least the bridge has some energy... by the end, I'm singing along.

Paul Kelly said...

Yeah, I wasn't holding out any high hopes, but it's really a good tune and the boys pull out the stops without ever seeming to break a sweat. Which is probably just as well at their age. Jagger's voice is as strong and gritty as ever, and his harp playing is just wonderful, quite haunting. It'll be on my playlist for walking the little brown guy. My dog, that is. WHOAH-WO!

Anonymous said...

What a nice treat.

But I do hear some autotune in Mick's vocal which gave me pause.

But you know this is the first newer song that could nicely fill an arena in quite a while.

There is a reason they remain TGRARBITW.

Long live the Stones!


Blue Ash Fan said...

Am I the only one who's reminded of their "Harlem Shuffle" cover?

M_Sharp said...

Good tune!