Thursday, April 16, 2020

I Actually Got Paid For This (An Occasional Series)

From May 1978, and the magazine formerly known as Stereo Review, please enjoy yours truly doing as silly a piece as has ever been published in a national forum at any time by anybody.

Uh, BTW, click on the images to increase them to readable size. You're welcome.

Did I have the greatest job on earth, or what?


John K said...

Nice piece of writing Steve. I laughed out loud which is rare these days.

ChrisE said...

Yes, I remember reading that piece when it came out - I think I still have the issue, God help me. I still think it's funny. One burning question: have you mellowed at all about Tom Scott?

Anonymous said...

ha, I had an editor who made me review a Tom Scott record. She loved it, no one in the office would touch it. this would eventually come back to haunt me.

steve simels said...

Chris E:

Re Tom Scott, sure I've mellowed about him. I can now go whole weeks without thinking nasty things about the guy. :-)

Mark said...

Great piece, Steve.

Anonymous said...

Yes liner notes in the "seventies" frequently became "Rococo" but that was half the fun in them. Learning to read them was a way to look behind the curtain of how the albums were put (or not) put together.

Then in the "eighties" cassettes and CDs made it impossible to enjoy the liner notes without a magnifying glass thus stealing the mystery and fun of poring over them away from us.

Grumpy Captain Al


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