Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Remixes of the Gods (An Occasional Series)

From Hard to Find Jukebox Classics 1960-65: 29 More Amazing Stereo Hits, the fabulous comp album I alerted you guys to yesterday, please enjoy the great Denny Laine, doing business with The (pre-cosmic) Moody Blues, and the first ever stereo version of their classic 1964 hit "Go Now.

I've always loved that record, and BTW, if you get me drunk and ask me nicely, I will perform a note-for-note rendition of the piano solo. I've wowed 'em at parties with that for decades.

In the meantime, this is a small sample of what you get on the CD:

At last hear Phil Spector’s famous Wall of Sound in stereo with the Crystals’ “Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home).”

The long-awaited stereo debut of The Chiffons’ great girl-group smash “One Fine Day.”

Take it to the dance floor with the original recordings of “The Twist,” “Let’s Twist Again” and James Brown’s groundbreaking “Out of Sight,” all in wide stereo.

Catch a wave with the new stereo mix of the Beach Boys’ “Surfin’ Safari” that spreads the vocals left and right, just as it would have been mixed in 1962.

In any case, you can, and should, order the album over at the Eric Records website HERE. I should add that you can see a complete listing and listen to samples from all the tracks over there as well.

[h/t Chris E.]

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Paul Kelly said...

That's fantastic! Never heard this pre-cosmic Moodys before. Much preferable, really. Think you should video yourself playing the keys to this, though––I mean, now that you've bragged about being able to play it note-for-note. I'm sure some of us would chip in to supply enough booze. :-)