Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Heretofore Unknown to Me Stereo Mixes of the Gods: Special "Eddie Cochran Was the Coolest Guy Who Ever LIved" Edition

From 1958(!), please enjoy the incomparable Eddie Cochran and his genre-defining classic "Summertime Blues."

In real stereo. Not digitally recreated stereo, but honest to fucking god real stereo, like it would have been originally heard in the Los Angeles studio where it was recorded.

I had no idea that this existed until yesterday, when I was researching stereo versions of older rock records because of that great comp I posted about on Monday and Tuesday, and stumbled across it by accident.

In any case, and I don't see how this is even arguable at this historical juncture, but this is without question the greatest single recorded artifact of either rock or roll ever.

Unless I can find a similarly legit and cool sounding stereo mix of Eddie's "C'Mon Everybody."

Which so far I can't, but like the Count of Monte Cristo, I live in hope.


Anonymous said...

if this is the true stereo not processed, you can tell it was truly recored live but the leakage of the instruments into the vocal channel.

By the way, Re: Go Now - It amazes me how well the piano was recorded and how poorly the drums and bass sound. I don't detect any guitar on the recording! The vocals are so interesting to listen to isolated. Were they layered?

Captain Al

MJConroy said...

cthulhu said...

Eddie was a god indeed! Taken way, way too soon.

Anonymous said...

Definitive rock and roll! The stereo mix is very good.

- Paul