Tuesday, April 28, 2020

It's Sweet Jane Week (Part II): Lou!!!!!!

From 2016 and his album World War Willie, please enjoy the incomparable Willie Nile (and band) and his transplendent cover of the Lou Reed classic.

A great version, I think, and damn, I love black-and-white cinematography.


Mark said...

Yes, another great version of a great, great song, and the video clip is really sharp. For my money, however, I’ll take Mott’s version, not only for Ian Hunter’s manner of tossing off the lines, but Mick Ralph’s sweet guitar and gorgeous solo. At an Ian Hunter show at City Winery before the apocalypse (BA), maybe 5 or 6 years ago, I spotted Nile in the audience and hoped he would come up to do something with Ian and his Rant Band. Didn’t happen though.

pete said...

This is the most intense controversy I have seen here in all the years I've been visiting. My vote probably shouldn't count for reasons Steve knows all too well. But yes, I prefer the Willie Nile to the Mott. Hunter's vocal sounds like a guide vocal.