Friday, April 24, 2020

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men (An Occasional Series): Special "There Were Giants in the British Invasion" Edition

In this case, from 2020, please enjoy an in-depth interview with one of my longest-time musical heroes -- Bobby Elliott, the great drummer of The Hollies.

Obviously, there were a lot of great drummers in that period -- Ringo, Charlie Watts, and Keith Moon spring immediately to mind -- but Elliott was absolutely up there with them in the Top Five. And don't make me post a video of The Hollies live in the studio to prove it.

Oh okay, the hell with it -- here's a video of The Hollies live in the studio, during the recording sessions for "On a Carousel." That proves it.

In any event, that interview is from a fabulous podcast series (hosted by friend of PowerPop Tom Cridland) called (no hyperbole involved) Greatest Music of All Time.

And you can watch the rest of those interviews -- which include everybody from David Crosby to Kool and the Gang -- over at the website HERE.

Have a great weekend, everybody!!!

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Butch said...

One of the best! His command of the sticks was unbelievable.