Monday, April 20, 2020

Monty Simels and the Holy Grail

From 1963, but more importantly, from the just released comp album HARD TO FIND Jukebox Classics 1960-65...

...please enjoy The Chiffons (with Carole King, who wrote the song, playing one of the greatest piano parts in the history of both rock and roll) and the first ever true stereo version of their (greatest rock-and-roll record ever made) "One Fine Day."

Attentive readers are aware that I've been jonesing about this here for pretty much as long I can remember.

Which means I can now die happy, although I have no intention of doing so any time soon. Heh.

I should add that the above album also features another stereo debut of a song that will blow your freaking minds, and which I will post on the morrow, you ungrateful bastards.

In the meantime, you can -- and beyond obviously should -- order a copy of this thing over HERE at the Eric Records website.

[h/t Chris E.]


MJConroy said...

Some of the tracks on that cd are probably like on others in the series with "Digitally Extracted Stereo" (using software to isolate and pan instruments to a stereo mix from a mono source). That is what this one sounds like to me.

steve simels said...

I disagree, at least on this one. I think it's for real. In any case, it sounds like heaven.

MJConroy said...

I agree it sounds good, but the background vocals seem to float a bit between and among the channels - could just be that way in a real stereo mix.

steve simels said...

I just looked at the liner notes. As you suggested, many of the tracks -- not all -- were created using the DES technology you referenced.

I regret the error. In any case, I'll be curious what you think of the one I'm posting tomorrow.

Paul Kelly said...

Well, that was just sublime! Ms King moves me to near orgasmic ecstasy even in mono, so this––well, 'nuff said.


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