Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

And to honor the occasion, please enjoy the wonderfully sardonic roots-rock stomper "Early to Bed, Early to Rise" by the fortuitously named Daddy, whose sophomore album is being released, not uncoincedentally, this very afternoon.

Alert readers may recognize Daddy as the brainchild of Tommy Womack , the Nashville alt-rock veteran whose hilarious country-inflected ode to Dead Boys guitarist Cheetah Chrome I touted in an earlier post back in April. His co-conspirator here is guitarist Will Kimbrough, with whom he toiled in The Bis-Quits, still one of my top ten fave bands of the 90s (and I'll post about them soon).

In case, a great song; you can -- and surely should -- order the album HERE.

And with that little bit of well-deserved plugola out of the way, and equally in keeping with our theme du jour, please enjoy the incomparable Groucho Marx and his superb rendition of the Bert Kalmar/Harry Ruby classic "Father's Day."

You're welcome!


Gummo said...


And a Happy Father's Day to you, mr. simels.

steve simels said...

You realize of course that I'm going to be wearing that outfit Groucho has on in a few weeks if not sooner.

The Phantom Creep said...

That's a cool song. Is the rest of the album as good?

Noam Sane said...

day late, dollar short

Smothers Brothers, "My Old Man".