Monday, June 01, 2009

Name That Tune!

Well, actually you don't have to; it's "Couldn't I Just Tell You," the power pop template from Todd Rundgren's classic 1972 album Something/Anything. A song which every pop band with half a brain used to cover back in the day, but is less heard of late.

So -- the question is....who's doing the cool cover you can hear by clicking the play button below?

Here's a hint -- it's from 2003, and the guy who's singing it is really tall. Also -- if for some reason the download thingie isn't working at the divShare link, just e-mail me and I'll shoot you the mp3.

[h/t Sal Nunziato]


Anonymous said...

Joe Jackson!!

Mister Pleasant said...

Yep Joe's the Man. For me, this song is one of the most indispensable power pop tunes ever. Somewhere I saw an incredible clip of Todd and Joe performing "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". Unfortunately it does not appears to be available on Youtube.

steve simels said...

You guys are too smart for me.

Joe it is. Featuring my personal hero, the great Graham Maby on bass.

MBowen said...

Game Theory, Scott Miller's pre-Loud Family band, also did a nice cover of this.

steve simels said...

Mister Pleasant:

If you're around, e-mail me -- Sal N. just forwarded me that Todd/Joe Jackson clip.

TMink said...

I was sitting thinking "That sounds exactly like Joe Jackson, but he isn't tall is he?"

So, cool song, and Joe is tall! Who knew!

Great cover, speeding it up, making it a guitar song, Jackson knocks me out when he does this type of stuff.


NYMary said...

Like me, everyone is really tall to steve.

steve simels said...

Joe used to come into a club where my skinny tie band played on weekends during the 80s.

Late, when we were finished, of course. He was dating, if that's the word, one of the waitresses.

Anyway, he's really tall. Like Robyn Hitchcock tall. Like Jeff Goldblum tall.

Scary bald tall, like the guy from Midnight Oil, actually.

NYMary said...

Huh. I always thought Joe played for the other team (not to reignite that argument again...) "Real Men" and all that.

steve simels said...

He had a thing, as they say, for black girls.

Noam Sane said...

To me, Joe Jackson's music has always lived up to the excitement implied by his name.

Some say Todd's live "Back To The Bars" holds the definitive version of this song. At the very least, that cut has a decent guitar solo.

steves said...

Good musician, total dickweed.