Thursday, June 18, 2009

Words Fail Me

From just a few weeks ago, here are those hard-rocking youngsters Members of the Press and their rather remarkable cover of "Dead" by My Chemical Romance. Incidentally, the guys in My Chemical Romance think this clip is pretty cool.

The singer/guitarist and the drummer are the sons of an old buddy who I played with in a couple of bands back in the day.

The drummer is eight years old.

Let me repeat -- the drummer is eight years old.

And now please excuse me, I have to go kill myself.


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine how good they'll be by the time their all thirteen.


David said...

Guys start bands so they can get girls, but these fellas look like they're too young for that--so what do they hope to gain, candy?? But seriously; this is amazing. Fresh, passionate and from the heart, like rock is supposed to be.

NYMary said...

That Hanson kid turned out pretty good, so I have some hope.

Noam Sane said...

Did the drummer borrow that hat from John Phillips?

At that age, I was playing the tennis racket.

Freaking amazing. Nice guitar solo too.


steve simels said...

The guitar solo is indeed nice.

I'd kill to play that nice, actually.

I really hate these kids...

MBowen said...

Nice equipment, too.