Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Early Clue to the New Direction. Well, Sort Of...

Okay, as promised, Weekend Listomania is making its return tomorrow. But for a couple of reasons (which I won't bore you with) I need to beg your indulgence. Which is to say that -- for the next several Fridays -- I'm going to post Cinema Listomanias, i.e. like the ones I used to run over at BOX OFFICE, instead.

In lieu of yet another Top 10 Zither Solos kind of deal.

If this offends anybody's sensibilities, I'll revert to the traditional format sooner rather than later, but if there are no serious objections, I think this might be fun for a while.

Thanks again for your patience over the last month of Listomania slacking, BTW.


Anonymous said...

I love leftovers, gonna have them from my fridge tonight! Go for it.


David said...

I still feel there is more to be wrung from the Top 10 Zither Solos concept but will respect the new regime.

pete said...

Much as I hate to cramp your considerable style, Steve, and much as I enjoy ("enjoyed"? - a pity if we must use the past tense) your film criticism, I just don't know much about film/TV and don't have much to say on the subject. Your musical topics, tales from the trenches, and well-chosen obscurities (living as I do in a place where Pearl Jam is considered an oldies act) are pretty much the reason I come here.

TMink said...

Brother, you three run the party, we are just happy to be invited.